The appearance of your swimming pool is one of its most important assets. It makes a beautiful design feature in your backyard, and increases the overall appeal of your property.

At Compass Pools Australia, we take great care over the design of our pools. We produce stunning results with styles to suit all types of property, from crisp contemporary lines to classic curves.

If you’re looking for pool inspiration, you have come to the right place! Here in our Gallery you can find a huge collection of pool images, demonstrating just how beautiful a Compass pool can look when it is installed on your property.

Whether by day or by night, our pools have standout appearances which will make you the envy of your neighbourhood!

Swimming pool pictures showcasing our range

Whatever type of pool you are looking for, Compass Pools Australia can cater for you with our extensive variety of swimming pool styles and designs. Here you can see examples of each of our pools, and how effective they look when installed and landscaped.

If you are looking for a family pool, you can see photos of our Contemporary and Riviera pools, which are our best selling family pools. Each has its own unique style and comes in several different sizes to suit a wide variety of properties.

For more dedicated swimmers, we offer the Fastlane and X-Trainer lap pools, which are shown here to great effect. Those looking for a smaller pool can discover our Plunge and Courtyard ranges, demonstrating that even in a small backyard, a pool is a highly effective feature.

There are a number of customisation options available for all of our fibreglass pools. And these pool photos show you how different each pool can look when installed on different properties. With Compass Pools Australia, you can enjoy a pool which is uniquely based on your tastes and preferences.

Inspirational pool images

Our collection of pool pics is here to give you ideas for the way your Compass pool could look once it is installed. You can see examples of pools with water features and separate spa sections, as well as stunning infinity pools with disappearing edges. These options are widely seen as the ultimate in swimming pool luxury.

You can also see how effective our Vivid and Bi-Luminite colour ranges are, providing lasting aesthetic appeal and giving a new dimension to your pool water. We offer a wide range of colour choices in both ranges. We use the latest technology to protect the appearance of our pools, and every pool we sell comes with a 10-year cosmetic warranty. That way, you know your pool will maintain its pristine good looks for a long time to come!

All the pools and features shown in these photos are part of our range, so if these pool pics inspire you, please contact us to find out more. Our highly specialist team are always here to discuss your requirements and help you to make your dream swimming pool a reality.

Get to Know the X-Trainer Pool Shape

X-Trainer fibreglass swimming pool is the number one option for many families. It’s great both for fitness and fun – with an unobstructed swimming corridor, a place for kids to rest and a shallow to deep floor. The X-Trainer pool has wide steps on both ends for easy entry and exit from the swimming pool.


Get to Know the Vogue Pool Shape

This uniquely designed swimming pool offers something special for all ages, with an unobstructed swimming corridor for those who enjoy fitness and fun. The step ledge not only gives children a place to rest but is a great safety feature. The swimouts and wide steps at both ends of the Vogue fibreglass pool are ideal relaxation zones.


Get to Know Our Spas and Waders

An inground Spa or Wader will transform every backyard. Compass Pools have a lot of customisation options which mean that you can have a pool and spa combo or your swimming pool can have a beach attached to it. Get inspiration from our installations of Waders, Spas and pool and spa combos – some of them are truly breathtaking! Click the button below to explore the options and find out more about our spas and waders.


Get to Know Our Plunge Pool Shapes

If you have a small backyard you don’t have to miss out on the joys of pool ownership. Our Plunge pools are perfect for transforming a small area into an oasis. We have sizes starting at 2.8 and going up to 6.2m long. These fibreglass pools are extra deep and feature a wide bench seat so you can really relax. The step ledge is a great place for kids.


Get to Know the Fastlane Pool Shape

The Fastlane is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers. its custom design options make it a great choice for those who have specific site or design requirements. With the custom length option, Fastlane can be up to 30m long!


Get to Know the Sanctuary Pool Shape

A modern geometric shape that will fit most backyards. Ample space to take a dip while providing a full length bench and steps for relaxation and family fun.


Get to Know the Contemporary Pool Shape

There’s a contemporary to suit every backyard. Deep in the centre and shallow at both ends – perfect for family fun – ideal for games such as volleyball. Comes in three different sizes from 8.3 to 10.9 m long.